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The 2021Virgin Money London Marathon has now ended.

We did it! The entire VF Team managed to complete the 2021 Virgin Money London Marathon on Sunday, 3 October 2021.

All our heroes have run the 26.2 miles needed to complete the marathon and get his/her times recorded into the official results page.


We had some incredible good performances among men (i.e 3h 36m) and women (i.e. 3h 59m), but most important it was a great collective effort to reach and pass its own limits while supporting our good cause.


To each member of the Team, thank you so much for the incredible dedication during these past months for training and participating to an event that for some of you we know was very challenging. So have some well deserved rest for now...until the next one :)!


There is still a chance to support our cause by clicking the button >Donate below



(United Kingdom)

"No challenge is too big if you want to change the world! "

They said it was impossible but now thanks to the dedicated efforts of hundreds of volunteers around the world, more than two hundred children in Kibera have the keys to unlock a better future for themselves and their families.

Join me and the fantastic VF Running Team in helping more children to have a better life!

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(United Kingdom)

"Getting breakfast while training with NY skyline....London here I come!"

I’m proud to be running and raising money for Volunteers Foundation (again). It’s vital  that we support educational initiatives in Kibera. Children need a sustainable route out of poverty, and if me running 42km can help make that happen then that’s just fine by me.”

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"Let's be honest, the runner's high plus the "feel good factor" of knowing you made a difference...addictive! "

I have decided to run the Virtual London Marathon for VF because it gives a real sense of purpose to my effort. This will be my first marathon and to be able to also raise awareness and valuable funds through my run, motivates me to train harder and do better.


We often complain about the direction the world is taking, but we do nothing about it. Well, this was my chance and I accepted the challenge.

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"To those who know me this may come as a shock."

I am not a runner nor have I ever really shown interest in being one. Despite this, it was truly an easy commitment to make. 

I have always firmly believed that education is an essential pillar of our collective advancement. That education is a right for all, and that we lose out on the skills of brilliant minds that do not have equal opportunity. This is exactly what Volunteers Foundation addresses and why I feel so proud to be representing them with my efforts.

My name is Ayla and this year I’ve committed to running the Virgin Money London Marathon on behalf of Volunteers Foundation.

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"The world (of sports) is not enough!"

I'm thrilled to be running the London Marathon on behalf of the Volunteers Foundation for a few reasons: to support a foundation that provides education to those without the same equal opportunities; to take part in a new challenge with new people after emerging from lockdown; to discover what else I am capable of after 18 years dedicated to rugby; and last but not least, to bond with my sister-in-law Ayla!

My name is Trixie. I am a freelance writer/photographer/filmmaker based in Kimberley, British Columbia. I play rugby for the Philippine National Women's Team and also love to hike, rock climb, ski, and surf. Running long distances is my new challenge!

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"October the 3rd 2021 will mark the exact 1st birthday of my son, and I will run a bit for him on a double special day, for children all around the world  :-)"

Why I run for the VF Team?

That is easy. Originally coming from a "poor family of divorced parents" (from Eastern Europe), I know how does it feel to not have something essential, (even though that is not at all near the hardship of so many other people) and I always felt compelled to try to help those in need.

I met Monica at work and later on VF in a crazy-almost-bet: do I wanna hop over from my resident Amsterdam to London for a run, to raise money for pupils in Kenya? Sure! Was instantaneous answer.

Ever since, I saw what tremendous progress has been made to do something magical for these children in Kibera and I am super proud to have had contributed even if a tiny-tiny-little bit to this noble and fantastic cause...

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"There is something inspiring about being part of a global team chasing after the same goal"

 It will be an honour to run ‘with’ this wonderful group of people. As I sign up for this, I don’t know much about any of my co-runners, but I do know they are running for the Volunteer’s Foundation and the kids in Kibera – and that is all I need to know to call them my dear friends and teammates!

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(United Kingdom)

Raising funds and building a better future through education? I’m in!

I am not a runner! I want everything done here and now; the idea of a never-ending torturous trot is simply not appealing to me. But Monica has been an inspiration. She has dedicated her life and soul to VF for the past 10 years, moving mountains to grow a school from nothing. Her passion and perseverance are gripping.

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I love sport and I love challenges; if it’s for a noble cause I enjoy it even more!

I often find that as I lose my breath running, running is breathing life back into me. Running gives me life, but with this opportunity, running can now give back more life, the lives of so many children of Kibera.


Each stride we take on this run is a stride closer to these young minds accessing education. As our heart and muscles pumps and get sore, we recognize the privilege of nutrition and health care, and we continue on with the mission that Kibera may have access to the same.


As we run we often look towards reaching the finish line, but on this run we look towards these children reaching their full potential

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I'm honoured to have the opportunity to help!

I am excited to join this awesome group of runners as we virtually train and support each other from all over the world.  The Volunteers Foundation's work with providing education opportunities to children in Kibera is very close to my heart

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“Supporting and empowering”

I am saddened by the absence of quality education in Kibera, the poor living standards and the minimal access to health care. The innocent children should not have to face this uphill struggle for what is deemed a basic necessity –I am compelled towards making this change.

In choosing to run the virtual London Marathon I will be part of an amazing team where our common goal is to ensure that children in Kibera will have better prospects.

Running for a cause has an uplifting and phenomenal sense of achievement that will put my endurance and discipline to the test – a feat for a worthy mission!

Training together virtually during the pandemic is testament to how we adapt to our environment, nothing can stop us! 

As the Greatest of All Time, Eliud Kipchoge said – No Human Is Limited!

My name is Franklin, I am an IT consultant from Nairobi and I am running for quality education in Kibera

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Run with us!

Virtual London Marathon

October the 3rd, 2021 


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