Our international school sponsors scheme allows disadvantaged children to attend private primary and secondary schools. In addition to our newly established Volunteers Foundation Academy, we partner with two nearby primary schools, Redrose Academy and Soweto Academy, and secondary schools like Shadrack Kimalel, Langata, St. George's and Raila schools. Currently, we support 280 children by funding school fees.


For only £144 per child per year, we ensure children receive a quality education.



A collaboration-based program between educators in the UK, other countries and our teachers in Kibera with the aim to exchange knowledge, review, learn and apply best educational practices and enhance the in-class experience for teachers and students.

This knowledge exchange covers a wide range of topics: from literacy to sport education and from farming to sustainability. We held five sessions over a period of six months in 2020. The project continues in 2021 with a focus on implementing the knowledge acquired in the previous sessions and specifically aimed at enhancing the students’ academic performances.

The project is a great opportunity for all sides involved to gain new knowledge, understand different perspectives, build on different cultural backgrounds and enhance personal development and teaching skills.



Art, music, and dance workshops/clubs are offered by VFA as extracurricular activities to increase focus and allow students to develop and flourish in their creativity. The art club includes crafting, drawings and bricolage focused on different artistic styles inspired by both, African and Western cultures.

As for music, in 2019 we offered regular music tuition with the main objective to introduce music fundamentals and identify musical talent among the children.


A work experience program for older children in the program. Offered for one or two weeks at various partnering local companies and institutions such as ECO Bank, Kensington Kindergarten, and others. We are currently looking for additional organizations which can offer work experiences/internships going forward.

These projects are in line with the following Sustainable Development Goals: