Regular health checks (three times per year) in cooperation with the St. Gertrude’s Children Hospital. The program focuses on assessing the health of each child, suppling vaccinations and individual treatments, introducing dental hygiene practices, and providing education on how to prevent diseases. Sports activities (i.e., PE, Football, etc) are also part of the program.

According to latest studies, being healthy and fit improves the cognitive ability and builds resilience in children allowing them to achieve more and better.  


In Kibera, there is no drinkable tap water or public sewage system. Therefore, hygiene standards are very low allowing diseases to spread quickly.

At VFA, pure water facilities and drinkable bottled water are provided around the school. We make sure to regularly talk about the importance of drinking pure water and washing hands to prevent diseases.


A series of six annual counselling session called “Talk for Youths”, is offered to all our students aged 11 to 18 years, some young mothers and parents. The sessions are provided by counsellors under the supervision of a pedagogist and a psychologist. They are extremely engaging for the children as they are held in a public park in central Nairobi with a mix of fun, sport and talking activities throughout the day. The informal setting allows children to enjoy the day in full and relax, away from their normal life in Kibera. Often this gives them the confidence to open up and discuss a number of personal topics with the counsellors. 

In addition, every child from 14 to 18 years take part in the “VF Mentoring Program”, which aims at developing human potential, professional skills and facilitating students’ success in graduating school and beyond.

For the teachers, we implemented the “Enhance Emotional Resilience” program aiming at emotional support during the Covid lockdown period. In total, 800 collective hours were given by 16 members of different VF committees. 

These projects are in line with the following Sustainable Development Goals: