Three meals (i.e., breakfast, morning snack and lunch) are provided throughout every school day. With a balanced diet we aim to provide approx. 80% of the required daily intake. 

We provide regular information sessions about balanced nutrition to educate the children and tackle some bad eating habits (for example, excess of sugary food, etc). During the pandemic, despite the VF Academy being closed, we carried on providing food to the families of our children. A total of 70,000 meals have been provided to 172 families. By partnering with Farm-to-Feed, an organisation that supports rural communities by transporting their fresh vegetables to the city and urban informal settlements, we managed to purchase fresh supplies at reduced cost.


Education around the importance of growing organic, sustainable vegetables. Vegetables are grown in VFA’s schoolyard in Kibera and used to prepare some of the daily school meals. Children are involved in the entire process from planting seeds to watering and harvesting. The vegetable patch is also used as a ‘science laboratory’ where the knowledge acquired in class can be applied.

These projects are in line with the following Sustainable Development Goals: