Monica's story

Founder of Volunteers Foundation

Monica founded Volunteers Foundation in 2011.

Impacting human lives has been her mission since she was a young girl.

As a “fugitive” herself from early challenging family and social conditions in post-communist Romania, she could understand what children in Kibera were going through. She could see the signs in their faces. And she 
promised herself to help them to unlock their full potentials.

She believes that quality education is the only key for a better life.

She is a strong advocate of gender equity and devoted to helping women and men to express themselves in societies where social, economic and cultural barriers limit human development.


Leah's story

Project Field Coordinator

Leah has spent most of her life working as a teacher at Olympic School in Kibera.

She is involved with community development programs and she got a respected and long-standing reputation within the Kibera community and institutions.

She has helped thousands of children to learn, develop and achieve in one of the most challenging social environments in Africa.

After more than 30 years of activity, she still lives in Kibera close to the people she supports.

Leah is our field project coordinator and the key to our success!