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Let’s celebrate Volunteers Foundation’s 10th anniversary!

Please join us – virtually – on Saturday, 14 November to celebrate Volunteers Foundation’s 10th anniversary. We are planning an online event, starting at 3pm UK time. The afternoon will be filled with four engaging sessions, looking back at 10 amazing years of VF impacting and changing lives as well as the ‘bigger picture’ of charity. We will talk about:


  • how empowering people and education of children is impacting Human Capital,

  • how the world is changing, and how important Adaptability is to succeed,

  • how Sustainability and the environment is most important for our Human Capital to thrive in,

  • and what the Future of Charity will look like, shifting and changing the approach to avoid creating dependencies.

We have an impressive list of guest speakers lined up for these sessions – promising to make the event truly inspiring. Our speakers are:

  • Ruth Charo - Senior Education Specialist, Education Global Practice at the World Bank

  • Sid Espinosa, Director of Philanthropy and Civic Engagement, Microsoft

  • Peter Schelstraete - Co-founder & CEO, UBUNTOO

  • Dr Auma Obama, Founder, Sauti Kuu Foundation



This event is now ended. If you want to support Volunteers Foundation in its mission to support disadvantaged children in Kibera, please follow this link

Highlights of the event

Session 1


The impact of education and empowerment on Human Capital.

The Human Capital session discussed the case for investing in people. The session explored the strategic importance of investing more and better in people for greater equity and economic growth. Improving people’s skills, health, knowledge, and resilience (their Human Capital) lead to more productivity, flexibility and innovativeness. Countries often underinvest in human capital, thereby missing an opportunity to create a virtuous cycle between physical and human capital and growth and poverty reduction.

If you want to see some highlights of the presentation follow this link: VFImpact

Session 2


the world is changing fast. Adaptability is the key to success.

In this session, we looked at how the world is changing, and how important adaptability is to succeed. As a charity, we are here to help children develop and grow. There are many external influences that continuously challenge and interfere. We must adapt and come out of our comfort zone to address the changing requirements – the most recent example being the challenges provided by the global pandemic

If you want to see some highlights of the presentation follow this link: VFImpact

Session 3


Sustainability - essential for resilience and independence.

The world of social and environmental action is not often associated with digital platforms, cutting edge technologies or AI. Yet, societal issues such as the Covid-19 pandemic, the Black Lives Matter movement, and the climate crisis have shown us that we might need these tools more than ever. During his talk, our guest speaker showed with specific and real-time examples how we can leverage digital technologies and the principles of network effects to embrace a groundswell of innovators and scale sustainable solutions to help solve the world’s most pressing environmental issues.

If you want to see some highlights of the presentation follow this link: VFImpact

Session 4


Charity Revisited – how to offer support without creating dependencies.

The economical balances are changing – what does that mean for charity? What is our approach right now and what will the future look like? How do we support others without creating dependencies?

If you want to see some highlights of the presentation follow this link: VFImpact

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