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What we have done so far..

Our adventure started in 2011 with the extension of the existing St.Monica Nursery in Kibera. We managed to fund the construction of the new building hosting the kitchen, three toilets and a staff office.

From 2011, we have supported the food and educational material supplies for the children and the living expenses of all the member of the St. Monica staff: the headteacher, 3 teachers, a cook, a guard and a kitchen assistant.

In 2012, we launched the Health Checks for children through a partnership with the Gertrude Hospital in Nairobi. Through the program, all children under our care receive health checks every four months.

In 2013 we have launched the Schooling Scheme which allows supporters around the world to sponsor the children education when they join one of our partner primary schools: Soweto Academy, Redrose School and more recently our own VF Academy.

Since 2014, we have launched a series of extra-curricular activities and courses for both the children and their parents under the belief that only a well rounded, holistic, 360 degrees approach can make an impact on children lives. So far we have held "Talks for Youth", Emotional & Physical Development talks, Girls Empowerment and Violence and its consequences for parents


In 2016 we launched Volunteers Foundation Academy our very own primary school. The VFA is currently hosted in a local school but plans to buy a plot of land and build a new school are underway.  


We also run a music course and we will introduce sports activities in 2017.

In 2019, we have reached a major milestone in our short history: we acquired a plot of land with an existing building and turned into our own Volunteers Foundation Academy!

For current activities visit our Projects pages.

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