A dream has come true!

In 2016 we founded Volunteers Foundation Academy, a primary school based in Kibera which welcomes children moving from St. Monica nursery.

Initially, we rented two classrooms at a local independent school but we always had the plan to move eventually into our own space. Finding the right place, in the right location and at the right price proved to be very challenging.

It took longer than expected but finally in 2019 we found our piece of heaven in Otiende, just on the outskirts of Kibera.


The plot originally was occupied by two semi-detached houses, surrounded by a small garden. Some refurbishment work was required to turn the residential properties into a school building but by April 2019 we finally celebrated the opening of our own school building!


Currently the school consists of five classrooms, a dining area, toilets facilities and a kitchen. The garden was turned into a vegetable patch to not only to teach children about the process of planting and harvesting your own food but to also provide healthy and fresh supplementary vegetables for the students' daily meals.


By setting up and manage our own school building, we will be able to set the standards and control the quality of education delivered while being more cost-efficient.

The sky is the limit!

We are now looking to expand the school, improve the layout and add three more classrooms. This will allow us to take on more students and improve our facilities considerably, turning VF Academy into a high standard educational institution in the heart of one of the most challenging environment in Africa.

We are engaging with individuals, companies and institutions which want to be part of our mission and help us to prove that it is possible to create a better world for those who have nothing.



A glimpse into the future

As part of the VF 2021-2025 Vision, we reviewed the current facilities and identify the key areas of developments  for the future. In particular, we recognised the extension of the school building to be one of the key enablers for the  accomplishment of Volunteers Foundation's mission over the next 5 years.

VF Academy will become a Knowledge Hub, a center of excellence where not only students but also teachers and the rest of the community are able to learn, develop and grow. VF Academy will progress from being only a primary school to a training center for children, adult and teachers alike - making full use of the facilities and becoming a community center, a health preside and an innovation hub.

This will require state of the art facilities which comply with the strictest building and health & safety regulations. 


We have partnered with Betts & Townsend Construction Project Management Ltd. in planning an expansion and refurbishment programme, hoping to increase the capacity of the school, as well as receive a face lift, with the main goal being effective and efficient sustainable use of space. Some initial images of the new-planned building are displayed below.

The long-term project is based on several phases: submission and obtainment of all the relevant permits and documentation, completion of the fundraising campaign to fund the building works, selection of the building contractors and finally, the actual build.

We would like to thank Betts & Townsend for the excellent work done so far and for their continued support. 

If you want more information about the VF Academy expansion please visit our Global Giving Page.

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