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Monica Dan

VF Founder & Trustee - London, UK

With your help we are changing people lives! Education is the key for a better life, help us to keep up and make our children's dreams come true. Thanks.

Rob Cope

Music Teacher - London, UK

I have been twice to Volunteers Foundation projects in Kibera and it has been a stunning and utterly life changing experience! The children are the most wonderful and kind I have ever met. If you even suspect you want to go than you must!

Leah Asego

VF Representative in Nairobi, Kenya

With your help, we are contributing to improve life conditions of children and reduce mortality rate in disadvantaged areas of Nairobi.  Above all we are putting a smile on children faces! Only if you assist us, we can achieve all that. As they say: two hands are better than one! 

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Paola Longobardi

VF supporter and volunteer

"It was on my bucket list to do a volunteering experience in Africa. Thanks VF for giving me this opportunity that turned out to be above any expectation. The children are simply fantastic, all the same the adults, Leah and her team of teachers and educators, proved to be the livelihood of the VF work in Kibera. Their smiling faces are imprinted in my eyes and I often find myself thinking of them and imagining what they are doing in this particular moment. The children at VFA had fun and were really engaged with the art project “Circle painting”, the outcome of which is now bringing colour to the school hall. 

I went there with the idea and presumption to give something and I came back having received more than what I gave."

Claudia Rodrigues

VF Commitee member and volunteer

"Being involved with VF for five years now, this trip represented my first visit to Africa, to Kenya, to Nairobi and to Kibera. I can only describe it as the most wonderful and shocking experience on my life. Wonderful because I saw smiles of the size of the world in the children’ faces. And shocking because as a missionary or volunteer I thought I was the one trying to teach something to those people in need but at the very end of the trip I was the one who received love and a lesson of generosity and humble attitude from these wonderful Kenyan people. I am now 100% sure that VF is doing the right mission in the field helping those children to have access to a proper education and a wider vision of what they can be in the future. VF  definitely represents a strong cause to fight for and I am blessed to be part of it.”

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The Artisans of a New Humanity"


2016 VF Annual Charity Dinner

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..keep working hard and never stop dreaming!

VF supporter

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...this is a Charity with a soul!"


2016 VF Annual Charity Dinner

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