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Education in Kenya

Some key points about the status of Education in Kenya and our projects.

Kenya launched its Vision 2030 development blueprint back in 2008, just two years before VF started theirs activities.


As part of the development plan of the country, the Education takes a primary place and it is recognised in the Kenyan Constitution as a basic human right.


In 2003 the government offered free education to all children up to the age of 14 and more recently, in January 2018, free education for all children aged 14 to 18. The education public sector has seen a major increase in the enrolment of students, with classes of up to 50-70 students.


The enrolment rates are outpacing the growth of public schools resulting in overcrowding and diminishing standards of education. This leads to a rise in demand for quality education as there is a growing need for a skilled and educated workforce. As a consequence, the population-based in Kibera faces a challenge in getting a quality education for their own children as they cannot afford to send them in fee-paying schools and are not always able to get the children in a public school where quality education is provided.

VF offers the Kibera community with an alternative that will see its impact in the long term. By setting up the VF Academy, VF provides quality education in a caring and contained environment. The small classes, experienced teachers and extracurricular opportunities the students benefit from, makes VF Academy an important contributor to the development of the community.

VF activities might look like a drop in the ocean, but all ocean are made of drops of water and if with this one drop we can change 230 students' lives, then many more will benefit from it in the future.

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