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Volunteers Foundation enables children to reach their full potential via a 360-degrees education approach. We are active in three key areas: Education, Health and Nutrition.

We believe that through a complete program aimed at nurturing and developing each child from an early age, we can teach the importance of knowledge, sustainability and adaptability and make an impact on their lives and the ones of their families.  

Investing and enriching Human Capital is a key factor to reduce inequality and improve life conditions for people in disadvantaged areas of the world.


Volunteers Foundation's Activities  Framework 


Future Strategy

  • We have an ambitious plan to develop our activities in the next 5 to 10 years with a long term commitment;

  • Development plans follow guidelines approved by the VF Board of Trustees to make the VF Academy self sustainable in the long run;

  • A continuous improvement of teaching delivery methods and teaching materials. Full introduction of the Competence Based Curriculum and additional extra curricula subjects focusing on STEM, technology and vocational education;

  • Putting Volunteers Foundation methods and successful implementations at disposal of national and international academic institutions for collaborative research projects.

  • Sharing best practices and projects outcomes with partnering local educational institutions and schools, to increase the local impact and reach.

How do we do that

  • School facilities upgrade, a complete redesign of our facilities has been done by our partner Betts Townsend & Taylor with the aim of having a modern, safer, more efficient school. The plan sees an extension of the current building with more classes, IT laboratory, library, etc.; some of the futures are:

    • Power will be supplied by photovoltaic panels installed on the roof to guarantee affordable and clean energy as well as being protected from the frequent power cuts.

    • An efficient sewage and water management system will guarantee an healthy and clean environment and that water is used efficiently.

    • Vertical vegetable farming, will be adopted on site to produce vegetable supplies for the school as well as to be used for educational purposes.

    • A healthy and safe environment with latest Health & Safety measures and procedures in place, which are monitored and reviewed every year.

    • Digitisation of school operations, through the introduction of a school management software platform. Staff will be able to track attendance, performances, exams, payments, etc through a cloud based individual access to the platform mySchule, supplied by Keython Technologies     

  • Partnering. We could not achieve all that without having the right partners in Kenya and abroad. We will strengthen our current partnerships and look for other like minded organisations which want to share our path. The combined impact of what we do can be greatly increased with the right organisations.

  • Investing time of our staff, training and challenging them on new teaching delivery methods and programs: they will be the agent of change

  • Spending time with our children, through a series of initiatives which directly involve our volunteers, from weekly reading clubs to mentoring sessions, career advice and mental health support.



Our vision and strategy

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