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For Spring, we are challenging you to "200 Acts of Kindness" to create awareness for the ripple effect of kindness and how kindness is cultivated within the Volunteer Foundation community and supporters. 


Expect to see some challenges on social media for the month of March with some ideas and acts of kindness in action in our community, with the hope to grow our Volunteer Foundation community and donations to support education of children in Kenya.  


Our goal is to reach 200 acts of kindness in one month from VF teachers, students, friends and supporters in the wider VF community. 200 represents the number of children we currently have in the VF schooling scheme and we believe we can reach an act of kindness for every child.

There are many "acts" you could do to support VF - the limit is only your imagination. Her are some ideas:

- share the Volunteers Foundation posts on social media 

- sponsor a VF child

- read a book to someone with poor eyesight

- do some baking and donate the profits from the sale to VF

- volunteer some of your time to one of the VF programs

- run the London Virtual Marathon to raise funds

- link your Amazon account to VF and get 0.5% donated 

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