Principles and Organization

The Trustee and Committee members of the charity are a group of people with different professional backgrounds – from finance and law to education and sales. We have joined forces to use our skills, knowledge and time to make a difference to disadvantaged children in Kibera and give them the chance for a better life.

We are all volunteers and our support is free of charge. No salaries or expenses reimbursement is paid to Trustees and Committee members.

The principles on which we base the VF activities are:



We volunteer and give our time and efforts for free. We also organize fundraising activities and any donations received are used to support, finance and contribute to our projects in Kenya.

Holistic approach

We look at situations with a 360-degree view and we try to provide all-encompassing support: offering our time, knowledge and expertise as well as medical and educational advice. We try and involve experts who want to be part of the project.


Small project to make a difference

We search, select and focus on small projects with the aim of solving every day urgent needs, rather than distributing few to many. We want to make a difference in single unique situation.



We want to invest our time and the donations we receive into projects that have the potential to become self-sustainable in the long run without external support. To do that, we carefully select and identify projects where we are confident we can achieve our goal.


The Team 

Trustees UK & Kenya: M Dan, K. Weiss-Cundey, A. Natali, S. Lobo, D. D'Souza.
Committee Members: the trustees and C. Rodrigues, P. Vicente, M. Renzi Brivio and P. Longobardi