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Potential. Enabled.

Volunteers Foundation

We are a charity with a mission of delivering quality education in Kenya.

We promote inclusivity, equity and innovation in education as a way to enable every child full potential.


What if all children in Kibera, like Owen, could receive a quality education and achieve their full potential? If only all these children were given the opportunity to attend schools and education programs aiming at nurturing their minds and souls and discover their hidden talents, what would it mean for their families and the whole Kibera population?


We believe that by understanding the local culture, identifying local champions and leveraging years of educational experience in combination with up to date educational programs and tools and our wide range professional experiences, we can change the status quo and improve the lives of hundreds of children and their families.


That is why Volunteers Foundation was born. To give a chance to the poorest children in Kibera. To enable their full potential.  


Have you ever heard of Kibera?

They say that Kibera is the second-largest slum on earth, the biggest in Africa and still continually growing in population. It is just one of five slums within the city of Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, and here is where Volunteeers Foundation operates. Kibera offers one of the rawest experiences you can ever imagine of what it means to be a human being. If you can picture just one small district of your own home-town crammed with hundreds of thousand of people trying to survive next to each other, then you are beginning to get an idea of what life can be like in Kibera, an illegal slum that should not even exist on the city maps of Nairobi.


Volunteers Foundation was created in 2011 with the aim of improving the living conditions of disadvantaged children in Kibera (Nairobi - Kenya) through the provision of quality education.

We initially supported the construction and development of St. Monica Nursery, and then we created and maintained an educational network of independent schools with similar values and principles to cater for the needs of the children under our care.


In 2016, our major milestone so far, we launched our own Volunteers Foundation Academy, a school which allows us to deliver quality education based on our ethos and standards.


Volunteers Foundation is entirely based on volunteering work and all donations and help received go directly to the charity causes. We make of transparency and accountability two of our main core values, so if you want to see how the money we raised is spent visit this page.



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Volunteers Foundation

Registered Charity in the UK and Wales number 1140407 |  London, United Kingdom

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