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VF at Topical Talk Festival 2023

At VF, we strive to empower our students to conquer the obstacles they face while growing up in a challenging environment. Our goal is to support them in becoming responsible and dependable adults who can bring about positive change in their surroundings.

Developing critical thinking, effective listening, clear speaking, and a global perspective are indispensable skills for everyone. They hold particular significance for the children growing in poverty as they strive to break free from it and lead fulfilling lives.Once these skills are acquired they will feel enabled and overcome challenges, actively participate in education and express themselves with confidence. These skills provide a solid foundation for personal growth, resilience, and a broader understanding of the world.

Last month, the VFA class 8 students had the exciting opportunity to engage in the Topical Talk Festival 2023, hosted by the Economist Foundation. This unique festival spanned seven weeks and provided a platform for global discussions among schools and esteemed experts on significant news stories and contemporary issues. Thought-provoking discussions on topics such as racism, equity, sustainability, and the pressing "climate crisis," involved our students. They had the chance to participate in international discussions with other schools and experts from around the world, showcasing their thoughtful conversations and innovative ideas.

Joseph, the VFA class teacher, commented that “it was a great experience for all involved, teacher and students. The topics were relevant for the curriculum and the teaching resources available were a superb tool for engaging learners in classroom discussions, enabling them to develop critical thinking skills when analysing the different topics”.

When we incorporate current events into the curriculum, we provide real-life examples that make learning more relevant and meaningful for students. By connecting their studies to what's happening in the world, students gain a deeper understanding of the subjects they're learning and can better relate them to their own lives.

During the topic “Earth Day: Tougher Climate Laws?”, the students delved with great enthusiasm into researching to get a better understanding of the existing climate laws in their country and in others. The Young People’s message to leaders at COP 27, and the Sustainable Development Goals n 13 “Tackling Climate Change” were very much at the centre of the conversation.

Our students understood the many causes of Climate Change and identified some actions at local, national and global level that can reduce Carbon Dioxide and pollution from plastic, to tackle the issue.

Here are some comments from the students:

  • "I learned more on climate change and how we, human beings, are damaging the ozone layer when we cut down trees. I also learnt more on global warming and how planting trees is important for the environment."

  • "I gained an understanding about ways to curb climate change. One of the ways is to reduce the use of plastics. IT will reduce the increase of carbon dioxide."

  • "Smoke from factories destroys the ozone layer"

  • "Plastics should not be burnt because they would interfere with the ozone layer and in that case they may end up destroying the environment."

  • "The laws that are now are not tough enough and they should be tougher"

It is crucial to raise students' awareness of global issues. In today's world, students require comprehensive knowledge about the global economy, politics, social structures, and environment to make informed decisions about their lives beyond high school. Equipping them with this understanding empowers them to make wise choices that align with their aspirations and contribute positively to the world.

Thank you to the Economist Foundation for delivering this program. We look forward to participating the next festival


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