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Virtual City Tour with Miravilius

The Volunteers Foundation students have the chance to virtually tour the world most beautiful cities.

We are so grateful to Miravilius, Italian start-up active in digital live tours, for giving a chance to our students to travel the world, visit the most beautiful cities, learn their history and find out many interesting curiosities....everything from our school in Kibera.

We are now in our second year of collaboration and after Cape Town, Milan, Madrid, Nairobi, Paris and Berlin we will soon digitally travel to Persepolis in Iran.

But what is a digital travel? It is a unique and innovative travel experience, a Live Streaming lasting 30 minutes or 60 minutes that allows registered users to discover the most beautiful places in the world, accompanied by an on-site Tourist Guide! Visitors can also interact with the Guide via chat to discover the thousand curiosities of the destination they have chosen!

Check their website by clicking here.

For our students, who haven't had the chance to go out either Kibera or Nairobi, let alone Kenya, is a lifetime experience which will surely stimulate their curiosity and willingness to learn more about different places, countries and cultures with the aim, one day, to physically travel there!

By the sound of the several questions the students asked to the guides and the discussions in class, it seems we just achieve the objective. Major discussion topics so far have been: favourite foods (e.g. Crepes and Wurstel seem to top everybody's taste) and why there was a wall in Berlin dividing the city in two....

Looking forward to visiting the next city and what will be next topic to capture our students imagination!

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