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Our Annual Charity Dinner was a success!

Thanks to everyone who took part in the 2022 VF Charity Dinner, held last Friday at Ognisko in London.

It was a great chance to come together as a community in support of Volunteers Foundation and the children in Kibera. We were so happy to see both old friends and new faces willing to support our cause even during such tough times.

The evening theme this year was "Unstoppable, together", a way to remind all about the importance of supporting each other and forming a strong community to succeed even in the toughest situations, be our lives in todays troubled countries or the every day lives of children living in urban slums in the most challenging conditions.

One of the highlight of the evening was Samson Otieno, an artist who told us about his journey from a life of deprivation in Kibera to being internationally recognised as musician in UK.

If you would like more details about Samson, please follow this link:

We would like to thank all our supporters and the donors of the wide range of items which have been auctioned during the evening. The proceeding will directly go to support our many activities in Kenya.

Thanks again to all participants and hope to see you again soon at our next event!

The Volunteers Foundation Team

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