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VF Annual Charity Dinner is back!

Book your place now and join us on November, the 26th 2021 to celebrate our achievements.

The Volunteers Foundation Annual Charity Dinner is coming back after the suspension due to the pandemic.

We are very excited to host the ever-growing VF family and supporters again to celebrate our achievements, update you on the latest news and give you a flavour of what is next!

The venue of this year is the Royal Automobile Club in Pall Mall - London, a magnificent location with its own history, the perfect place to celebrate Volunteers Foundation in style!

Two years have passed since last Volunteers Foundation dinner. The Covid pandemic has marked one of the most challenging time for many of us. It has dramatically influenced the way we live, work, move around and definitely socialise.

While in the Western World we are slowly getting back to a pre-pandemic situation, in many parts of the developing world Covid is still a major threat and the vaccination campaigns seem to be far from progressing, if even started. The percentage of population in sub-Saharian Africa who has been administered a vaccine lays barely at 2%.

So, situations that are normally challenging in a difficult environment such as a slum in a major city in Africa, have now been aggravated by the pandemic in a way that sometime is difficult to represent and for many of us to understand.

What it has been remarkable in this period, it is the effort of the Volunteers Foundation community, staff, volunteers, children and their families to come together, help each other and move forward beyond all limits.

From counselling sessions to our children, to distribution of food packs to their families, from remote learning via improvised tools, to health advisory sessions, we have done our best to alleviate the impact of such a tragic event as the pandemic.

We hope to see many of you at the event and that this will be a chance for everybody to celebrate hope, community, inclusion and resilience and give a chance to each of us to provide its own contribution to make the world a better place to live.

To buy your ticket follow this link:


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